A Hunger for the Supernatural

Greetings in Jesus name! It would be appropriate for me to begin this note by thanking God for the rains!  A constant reminder to what God can do in the life of everyone who makes himself available to Him and hungers for His supernatural power.

At the ambitious age of twenty one I landed in this mesmerising city of Mumbai from a semi-rural Kerala, India. With a sense of excitement and wonder, ‘behold’ I thought, here was a whole new world of opportunities and freedom from the confines of parental constraints. Here was a golden prospect to ‘make it large’.It was around such a time that one of my childhood friends began speaking to me about someone who died on a cross to help me deal with my guilt. His Name is Jesus Christ! My friend claimed that Jesus forgives sin if I asked and invited Him into my life. Wonder of wonders! He actually did and what a peace and joy filled my heart. I experienced a genuine freedom, unlike the apparent freedom I thought I had when I first landed in Mumbai. True freedom occurs within you!

Touched and healed

Three years later, in 1990, I was admitted in hospital with a high fever. As the doctors began to identify the cause of my illness, I battled for survival. Bad news! I had been diagnosed with an advanced form of jaundice and para typhoid. Doctors gave me only 24 hours to live. It was a desperate Sunday afternoon, the nurse checked my temperature at 3pm and it was 104*. Between 3:00 and 3:30pm I saw a vision in which I had an amazing encounter with Jesus in that hospital room. I sensed a powerful healing from Jesus. At 3:30pm the nurse returned to check my temperature and guess what, it was absolutely normal! This incident opened my eyes to truth that Jesus came not only to forgive my sins but to heal and restore as well.

I am grateful to God for using me to bring healing and restoration to many people. I have witnessed many people healed from chronic illnesses as I prayed for them. As I look at my life, I see myself as a product of God’s supernatural work. ‘For this very purpose,that I may show my power in you and that my name may be declared in all the earth. – Romans 9:17

My desire is to see that I continue to grow in the supernatural power of God and proclaim this message wherever I go. God is above the natural – It takes supernatural ability to understand that. May I invite you to come and experience the supernatural power of our saviour in this new season in a new way.



Vinu Paul

Vinu is Lead Elder of Living Hope Church. He also carries apostolic responsibility for Newfrontiers with a team of leaders in India. He is passionate about preaching the gospel, seeing people saved and praying for the sick.