What on earth is the kingdom of God?

The Kingdom of God is the backbone of the New Testament, and when we seek it first, the church will enter into the fullness of God’s intended power and effectiveness. Here is a call to urgently adjust our thinking on it so that we continue Jesus’ mission to see the kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.


In Mathew 20:21-28 there is the interesting account of how the mother of James and John sought a favor from Jesus to elevate her sons to a position next to Him, and by implication above the other apostles. Jesus’ answer turns the world’s understanding of what leadership means upside down. It is a revealing insight into what Godly or good leadership is all about.

Marked by God's presence

“I will be with you” was God’s promise to Moses when he called him in the wilderness while he was shepherding sheep. That was the foundation of Moses’ confidence as he set out in obedience to God’s call.