making disciples

Jesus’ great commission was to make disciples by teaching to obey all that He had commanded. For the fulfillment of this great commission it’s imperative that we have training programs for leaders, emerging leaders and church members. In India we run a number of different local church based training programs. Often these are for the benefit of the local church and cover biblical and practical subjects. Additionally we also have regional and national training programs that build on the foundation that is laid in the local churches.

There are three key components of all our training programs:

– Bible teaching

– Local church discipleship and serving

– Mission trip opportunities

Frontier Leadership Training (FLT)

Frontier Leadership Training is a theological and practical training program for church builders and church planting team members. It is flexible, modular and available at different bases across India. Normally this is a two year program that is run on 10 weekends per year. The training sessions are conducted all Saturday and Sunday afternoon to keep it accessible for those who are employed.

Masih Siddanth

Masih Siddanth is the Hindi version of the FLT program and is also run in 3 training bases across India.

Additionally we have in the past run this program with translation into Tamil and Malayalam. In 2014 we are hoping to take this to Andhra Pradesh where we have a developing presence.

Frontier Residential Training

This is a one year residential training program and is for the purpose of preparing church leaders and planters. This is a more intensive program because of the amount of teaching involved, the challenge of relocating for a year and serving in a different local church. That coupled with living with people that you don’t know as well makes for a very challenging training environment – just living at the Training Centre can be good training for life as you learn to bear with others, love them beyond their faults and go on mission together.